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Simple Secrets For Eliminating Fat Cells

Posted on : 15-02-2010 | By : DrDivad | In : Weight Loss


SECRET #1 – You Must Have The Right Information

You must first have the right information to lose weight – most people are relying on the wrong information from TV commercials and fat loss product labels. You must understand the basics on how your body works. Understand which exercises will in fact cause the elimination of fat cells, strengthen your heart and improve your muscle tone…and which ones won’t.

The difference between failure and success of any goal is having the right information to take action on or to make the best decision from.
Unfortunately the information you have been relying on for your health, fitness, and weight loss has been wrong. My Motto in life has always been “Truth Produces Trust” and with that in mind my objective is to share the truth with anyone willing to listen.

SECRET #2 - You Must Do The Right Exercise

Yes, exercise is required for your body to eliminate fat cells. There’s no way around it. Your body was “designed” to move, not sit in front of a TV or computer screen for hours at a time. However, exercise is not a dirty word when you know what type of exercise zaps the fat cells off your body!

The Wrong Type Of Exercise

Some exercises (those done by most people who try to lose weight) actually cause your body to store fat. When you exercise for long periods at low to medium intensity, you actually train your heart and lungs to get smaller. It’s an invitation for sickness, disease and also causes your body to store fat. Long-duration aerobic training doesn’t work. It isn’t natural and your body knows it.

Long duration exercises like jogging, aerobic classes and typical treadmill workouts will actually cause you to gain and store fat. At best you will lose water weight and/or muscle weight, shrinking your fat cells instead of eliminating them. This is one of the main reasons for yo-yo dieting, and why most people fail at weight loss.

The Right Type Of Exercise

A few years ago, Harvard researchers published the Harvard Health Professionals Study. After studying over 7,000 people they found that the key to preventing heart disease is exercise intensity – NOT long-duration exercise. This type of exercise is know as “High Metabolism Exercise”.

High metabolism style exercise can be done in less than 12 minutes per day! The best part is after a high metabolism workout, your body will burn fat cells for up to 24 hours after you stop exercising! This would be the one habit I would recommend everyone put into their life.

The key to effective high metabolism exercise is to push yourself hard enough during your exercise (within a short period of time) so you need to stop to catch your breath. It is the key to a healthy heart, good muscle tone, high energy, a desirable figure, higher lung capacity and increased fat loss… plus it takes a fraction of the time to achieve much better results.

High intensity exercise jump starts your metabolism and re-sets your metabolic rate to a higher level for the entire day. High intensity exercises cause FAT Loss, not water weight or muscle weight, actual fat loss. They only take minutes to do and can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

It’s All About When You Burn Fat

When you exercise for long periods at a time, like most people do when they go to the gym, you push your body into its so called “fat burning zone.” Most fitness gurus tell you to get into your fat burning zone and stay there for as long as you can take it… but that’s a problem. You don’t want to burn fat during exercise.

Burning fat during exercise tells your body it needed the fat. This trains your body to make more fat for the next time you exercise.
If you want to burn fat and keep it off, exercise in short bursts of high intensity.

How does it work? It has to do with what your body uses for fuel during exercise. For the first two or three minutes of a workout you burn ATP, your body’s cellular energy source. Then you start burning carbs from muscle tissue.

Exercising for short periods will use these carbs during exercise. Then you start to burn fat after your workout – while you replenish the carbs.
This is known as your “After Burn.” You can see an increased metabolic fat burn for up to 24 hours after high intensity, short burst exercise.


Researchers at Laval University in Quebec divided participants into two groups: long-duration and repeated short-duration exercisers. They had the long-duration group cycle 45 minutes without interruption. The short-term interval group cycled in numerous short bursts of 15 to 90 seconds, while resting in between.

When the researchers recorded their body composition measurements, the interval group showed significantly more fat loss. In fact, the interval group lost 9 times more fat than the endurance group for every calorie burned. The short bursts stimulated a greater “After Burn”.

Research proves Long Duration exercise tells your body to build fat. That’s how your body adapts to this kind of activity. Then, when you get bored and decide to quit exercising, you’ll put on weight very rapidly because you will be rehydrating shrunken fat cells. Sound familiar? This is known as the yo-yo dieting or roller coaster dieting.

Short Duration, High Metabolism Exercise

On the other hand short-duration exercise increases your levels of growth hormone and eliminates fat cells. This is the key to real weight loss: Increasing your metabolism and eliminating your fat cells…not just shrinking them.

Short duration exercise actually increases levels of growth hormone and increase your fat burn. Researchers from Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England tested growth hormone levels in sprinters and endurance athletes. On average, the sprinters had three times as much growth hormone as the endurance runners.

You must understand, the most important changes from exercise occur after, not during, the exercise period. The way you exercise affects your metabolism for several days. The important changes begin after you stop exercising.

This means all you have to do during your exercise is arouse the adaptive reaction you need – like reducing your need for fat or building reserve capacity in your heart. Your body will continue making the important changes afterwards – while you rest.

Gym Membership Not Required

You don’t need to go to the gym to get started. Even if you’re out of shape you can start with a challenge that’s within your reach.

Let’s take walking as an example. This is the easiest way to get started if you’re de-conditioned or facing a physical challenge.

Here’s how: First, wear comfortable pair of walking shoes with good support and some loose-fitting clothes. You can start your walking exercise on the sidewalk or on a quiet street. You could also go to the gym and exercise on a treadmill.

Start walking at a comfortable pace for 30 – 60 seconds to get your joints in motion. Then increase intensely by walking as fast as you can, you can even bring hand weights if you wish. Maintain this pace for 30 seconds – 60 seconds you should feel winded.(To the point where you can’t really carry on a conversation, even panting for your breath). Now stop and catch your breath. Take a 30 – 60 seconds to recover and focus on your breathing; This was your first “set.” Do this for 3 – 4 sets. Now you have reached “After Burn”, enjoy your results.

It doesn’t matter how quickly you walk when first starting out. Even if your top exertion speed is just above your normal walking speed, you can give yourself enough of a challenge to expand your lung volume and build reserve capacity in your heart.

This gradual build up in cardio-pulmonary power will get you to higher levels and extend your endurance. Little by little, you’ll become more and more conditioned and better able to handle more intense challenges.
Swimming is helpful if you have a disability as the water’s buoyancy will take the strain off your joints and make it easier to move. Biking is also very effective for de-conditioned beginners and you have the option of doing it outside or in the gym.

Like walking, take it slow and evaluate your exertion level. Don’t strain yourself. Take small, deliberate steps and stay with your program. Within the first week, you’ll start to see progress.

With Doctor Directed metabolism boosting exercises in a matter of weeks, you can:

  • Lose pounds of belly fat.
  • Build functional new muscle.
  • Reverse heart disease.
  • Build energy reserves.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Reverse many of the changes of aging.
  • Begin to turn heads for the right reason.

Guaranteed Weight Loss

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nice post. thanks.

weight loss should be easy to achieve if you combine proper diet with lots of exercise ~

That is what people have relied on for years to poor results.
It really comes down to the right food and the right exercise. Any you only need 10 minutes/day of the right exercise.
Add to that the right attitude and changing a few habits and weight loss is yours with ease.

Dr Dave

weight loss is sometimes difficult to attain, it all depends on your motivation and genetics ~`:

Yes, don’t kid yourself weight loss is never “easy”. For everyone it depends on motivation and a desire to reach the goal.
We all make choices each day and everyone of those choices have effects. Now the problem in most cases especially regarding weight loss is a decision or choice is made on bad or wrong information.
That is how and why the Doctor Directed Weight Loss Program came to be. My staff and I were simply fed up with the misinformation fed to people for the sake of a dollar.
That said… the facts are in and if anyone wants to lose weight I want to help them lose every pound of fat they wish to lose.

Weight loss is so reliant on adequate water consumption, nutrition and excersise(obviously) but also correct mineral and vitamin supplimentation and from the right source. ‘Colloidal chromium’ regulates insulin, stopping the most common factor inhibiting weight loss in people ‘cravings. Also keeps you happy and content, and glucose levels sufficient for
optimum utilization of glucose stores. Unfortunitly we can’t obtain the minerals and vitamins we need daily
from our food anymore due to depletion of mineral content in our farmed soils. It is therefor crutial to supplement, ecspecially chromium, lithium and vanadium.. And once again in ‘Colloidal’ form.

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