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Lose Weight With An Effective Exercise Bike Workout

Posted on : 25-11-2010 | By : DrDivad | In : Fitness


It may be tough discovering an approach to lose weight on a busy schedule. A decade ago, a typical work week was less than 44 hours per week; now many of us all function 50 hours, or more each week. This makes finding time for exercising and eating proper extremely difficult. An excellent, relaxing method to workout at home or at the gym is with an exercise bike workout. You simply must know how to exercise properly for fat loss.

Combined with a sensible low-carb diet, an exercise bike work out done correctly is a great fat burning exercise that you simply can do during TV Commercials. The resistance adjustments obtainable on all modern machines make it possible for a novice to put in an exercise each day without pushing their body too tough.

It’s suggested that if you are trying to eliminate fat cells a metabolism boosting bike training regimen should to be done a minimum of 4 days per week. The good news is, if you exercise correctly it should only take you 10 -12 minutes per session . A workout on the bike at a moderate resistance level utilizing the burst exercise training inside Doctor Directed Weight Loss program will increase your metabolism and actually burn your fat cells for up to 36 hours after you finish exercising.

A good method to avoid injury and eliminate fat cells would be to ride the bike at low resistance for 1 – 2 minutes to get your joints lubricated and mobile, then pedal as fast as you can for 30 seconds, now rest for a full minute, pedaling at a very slow rate, repeat this process 3 more times, then get off and stretch for a few minutes to be sure your muscles don’t go stiff after an exercise bike workout.  This entire process should be less than 12 minutes and will do more for your fat loss goals than 60 minute aerobic exercise. Learn more at http://www.LoseBodyFat123.com

For greatest results: Try to do your exercise routine in the early morning. This willyou’re your metabolism running high for your entire day. On another note you can also then spend 8 – 10 minutes for another burst exercise session to further elevate your metabolism. Exercising in the morning may also improve your focus throughout the course of your day.

By Dr. David Alan Hackbart


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